Saving the world one step at a time!

Not only do we care about conducting our business to the highest standards, but we also want to do it in a way that is responsible to our employees, colleagues and the environment. We can offer community guidance in becoming more eco-friendly through not only the management of it but also by running campaigns that educate its residents as well. By changing our own operations for the better and engaging and educating residents, we have the capacity to contribute to a much greener, cleaner future for everyone.

Sense and sustainability

We have always had efficient practices at the forefront of the way we do business, but for a long time now, we have been incorporating sustainability into this equation too. So we formed a Sustainability Committee within the company to steer operations across the board towards a greener future.

This means we use environmentally friendly products for cleaning, have been replacing halogen bulbs with their more efficient, longer-lasting LED counterparts across our communities, employ a number of water-saving devices and recycle components of any items within the community that can be used in other projects – and these form just a snapshot of our initiatives. Click here to read more on our energy management initiatives.


The power to educate
a community

As community managers, we have the power to educate our residents, both young and old. Through our innovative Eco Kids Campaign, we engage young residents with colourful graphics suggesting ways to save water and power. For adult members of the community, we carry out other campaigns such as Conocarpus tree removal and energy saving initiatives.

Easy recycling for residents

There are recycling banks within each of our communities for unwanted clothes, plastics and metals plus we run regular campaigns to educate our residents (including their children) in becoming more eco-friendly in their habits too.

Moving the community towards becoming green

We launched a ‘Hop on board’ service in some of our communities in a bid to connect residents to the Dubai Metro and keep cars off the roads.

The service proved very popular – in the first four months alone, thousands of passengers took the bus instead of their cars!

Charity collection image

Every year during Ramadan, we run fun charity events such as sporting tournaments and facilitate the collection of the equivalent of 1,390 suitcases of clothes for the Beit Al Khair Society for the needy. We also organise the distribution of Iftar meals and host Iftar events in special Ramadan tents. In 2018 alone, we served over 105,000 Iftar meals at 12 different locations across Emaar mosques and prayer halls.

Humane animal control

The population of stray and feral cats has grown, leading to complaints from residents as well as concern for their welfare. To control the size and health of the cat population, we requested the help of Feline Friends to launch a humane Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) Programme, supported by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).


This ensures the cat population remains healthy and static and prevents other cats from entering the community. Disturbances to residents are less as neutered cats are quieter and more docile.

We can bring all of this, and more to your community, to move us all towards a more sustainable future.

Winner and finalist at the Facilities Management Middle East Awards


In 2018, ECM won Property Management Company of the Year for our innovative technology, being crisis-ready, our employee expertise, our sustainable practices and automated compliance strategies that have led to the growth of our assets and business.