Smart Police Station

Arabian Ranches boasts its very own Smart Police Station (SPS), located next to the retail centre near Alma 1. The fully automated walk-in police station was among the first of its kind in the city – it’s solar-powered, offers 25 services in 6 different languages, and equipped to serve people of determination.

Individuals can file criminal complaints conveniently and simply by heading to the SPS and report the matter within a few minutes with the aid of the latest and smartest policing solutions.

The station is open 24 hours, seven days a week and needs no human intervention.

Services residents can avail at the SPS include:

  • Pay traffic fines
  • Process good-conduct certificates
  • Request home security
  • Pay impound fees
  • Verify driver details
  • Log labour complaints
  • Browse lost-and-found items
  • File criminal complaints (violations including criminal, traffic, administrative, financial, etc.)
  • Raise police report inquiries
  • Report crimes
  • Offer social support in family violence cases