Garbage disposal

Please ensure that household waste is properly stored in the designated bins until collection. Our waste collection service provider will collect rubbish from your property as per the waste collection schedule.

You are. Residents are responsible for putting their own bins out, bringing them in and, keeping them clean. For more information please refer to the community rules.

It is your responsibility to replace your bin. You may contact Imdaad Waste Management Services on 800 8200 or any other waste management company of your choice.

We are pleased to inform you that as part of a sustainability initiative, a recycling programme is already present in your community. Through this, we have introduced recycling bins for all homes – at no additional cost. For bulky waste, Mollak bins are located at the community retail centre, for paper, glass, and plastic.

Your gardener is responsible for collecting and properly disposing of landscaping waste and debris from your garden and this should be included in your private maintenance contract. However, small quantities of landscaping waste, neatly bundled and placed inside your garbage bin, will be collected with household waste.