Discover Downtown Dubai’s outdoor gallery

The streets of your community are practically a public museum! We’ve put together five of our top picks for you to explore.

1. Together

Inspiration: Arab dignity and grace, traditional Emirati values. Artist: Syrian artist Lutfi Romhein.

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, near entrance to Burj Khalifa.

2. Horse 

2. Horse

Inspiration: Dubai’s equestrian heritage. Artist: Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero.

Material: Solid bronze. Location: The Waterfront Promenade, The Dubai Mall.

3. Camels

Inspiration: A symbol of Dubai’s desert landscape.

Artist: South African artist Fernando Botero.

Material: 15 layers of ceramic, cast with molten bronze.

Location: Lawn area near Souk Al Bahar.

4. Al Sidra

Inspiration: The resilient desert tree that symbolises the strength of Arabic society.

Artist: Sami Mohamed Al Saleh.

Material: Solid Bronze.

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, near Manzil Downtown.

5. Chorus

Inspiration: Flow and movement of a gathering in South Korea.

Artist: Korean sculptor Jaehyo Lee.

Material: Steel and wood.

Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, near Vida Residence.

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