Home modifications

Please refer to the community rules for more information on this matter.

The repair costs and maintenance of common areas are paid for through the community service fee. In cases of vandalism, the person responsible will be issued an NOV and charged for the rectification, if that person can be identified.

You, as the homeowner, are responsible, unless the pipe services more than your unit, in which case the responsibility reverts back to the community manager.

Any cabling and switch equipment within your unit from and including the unit’s distribution board is the unit owner’s responsibility. The unit owner is also responsible for the payment of their own electricity bill. The supply of electricity from the mainline into the building to your unit is the responsibility of the community manager.

Yes. Please log onto your community portal and select ‘Home Modifications’ from the menu to apply for a NOC. 

First, contact your preferred maintenance company. In case the blockage proves to be in a common area drain line, contact ECM at 800 EMAAR (36227).

No. Please contact ECM on 800 EMAAR (36227).