We love when you tell us that you feel a member of our staff is worthy of your praise, whether it be a service provider, community co-ordinator, association manager, cleaner or landscaper. You can do so by calling ECM at 800 EMAAR (36227).

There are designated smoking areas in each of the villa communities. Please note that as per the community rules, smoking is prohibited at the community swimming pools and children’s play areas.

The notice board located at the community swimming pool, lift lobbies, and other common areas cannot be used by residents. It is solely for the use of Emaar Community Management to display information relevant to the community.

Yes. You may have decorative lights in your home for a period of up to 10 days on either side of the festival/holiday, but nothing that creates a visible glare from outside the property. For more information, please refer to the community rules.

You may install ‘For sale/lease/rent’ signage on your villa as long as it conforms to the criteria below:
• One sign per unit may be posted, placed in the ground, near the garage, or near the front door, within the lot.
• Signage can be no more than 90cm x 65cm in size.
• Signage can be placed no higher than 170cm from ground level OR the maximum height of the sign from your compound wall can be up to 120cm, whichever is higher.
• Signage must be removed immediately upon sale/lease of the property.
*applicable only to villas

No, to preserve the aesthetics of the community, changes are not permitted to the common area including the addition of signage on external villa walls.