Please refer to the community rules, which state that private functions of no more than eight guests can be held at the park nearest to the unit of the homeowner/resident hosting the event. For larger numbers of guests, residents must first obtain permission from the community manager. Please email to tell us details of the date, time, venue, and the number of guests.We encourage you to contact ECM at least one week in advance of your intended event. While planning your gathering please note that there are no electrical power outlets in any of our community parks.
Kindly note that we are unable to exclusively reserve any area of the community for parties or gatherings. Please adhere to the following guidelines when enjoying the common area facilities:
• Please do not conduct any activities that may disturb other residents.
• Do not use inflatable play items or any equipment that requires the use of power extensions.
• The serving of alcohol or related items is prohibited at all times.
• Children (under 16 years of age) must be under adult(s) supervision at all times – ECM will be liable for any unfortunate accidents or claims.
• The area should be cleaned and all personal belongings/party materials/items removed.
• You will also be liable to pay for any damage to the premises and a notice of violation may be issued.
• Neither ECM nor our service provider will be held responsible for the loss of any personal effects.
• Parking on pavements or anywhere that obstructs a pedestrian’s right of way or access to a villa, is strictly prohibited.
• Violating vehicles will be towed away at the vehicle owner’s expense.
ECM/security possesses the complete authority to halt any activity, which does not adhere to the above guidelines and does not comply with the community rules.

Due to safety reasons, the community swimming pools cannot be used as a venue for your proposed party.

No. Due to health and safety reasons, fireworks cannot be used as this is in direct violation of the community rules.