Reporting issues

There are a number of things you can do:
• For urgent matters, please contact community security on 056 404 5792 (Sidra 1, Mulberry, Acacia) or 056 206 9842 (Hills Grove, Hills View, Parkways, Fairways, Maple).
• Call us on 800 EMAAR (36227).
• Or email us at

The community manager must repair common property and a homeowner must repair their unit, whether the damage was accidental or negligent. If someone else damages your property, then like any damages claim, you may take action to recover the cost of repairs from that person. In the event the common property is damaged, the person responsible will be charged for the rectification if the person is identified.

The unit owner or occupier is responsible for items inside their unit. They may be able to claim on their contents insurance policy. As per the community rules, “Carports shall not be used for storage of any goods and/or materials therein”.