Architectural guidelines regulate all alterations undertaken in your community, excluding those carried out by the developer.

Architectural guidelines help familiarise homeowners with the objectives, scope and application of design standards to maintain the aesthetics of the entire community.

Why are architectural guidelines important?

  • Control the appearance of the community’s common areas, villas and buildings.
  • Preserve the design and architectural quality of the community.
  • Recognise the varying needs of homeowners and occupants, while upholding the common interest of all.
  • Maintain the aesthetic standards that make the community an attractive and desirable place to reside or operate a business.
  • Uphold the property values for homeowners.

    Note: The architectural guidelines exclude alterations carried out by or on behalf of the developer.

What building standards should I follow while carrying out works at my home?

  • Ensure only high quality (and where possible, new) materials are used.
  • Comply with community and local laws and regulations.
  • Enlist reputable, properly qualified, experienced and licensed professional suppliers.
  • Ensure works are carried out in a proper, workmanlike and timely manner, in which the least inconvenience is caused to other homeowners and occupiers.
  • Refrain from carrying out any activities before all necessary certifications (including any engineer’s certification and the like) have been obtained to ensure that they do not impact the structural integrity of the building or community.
  • Ensure that the community is clean and tidy at all times during and after the works.

What happens if I fail to follow the architectural guidelines?

Failure to comply with the architectural guidelines, and any damages to the community common areas will result in a notice of violation being issued. The damage will be rectified in line with community standards and the cost of rectification will be charged to the unit owner.

Note: Alterations, additions and decorations to the exterior of the unit or any part of the common areas, including but not limited to doors, windows and window coverings, are prohibited.

A homeowner or occupant who undertakes any work indemnifies and maintains the indemnity to other homeowners or occupants against any loss that may be suffered resulting from any defective work undertaken as well as the entry of any contractors into the community.

Log onto your community portal and select ‘Home Modifications’ for altering or making modifications to your apartment or villa.