Four reasons Dubai Hills Estate is the sustainable community on the block

Integrating sustainability in all our practices is one of our priorities at Dubai Hills Estate. We do this in a number of ways.

Recycling initiatives

  • Did you know that over 70% of the average household’s trash can be recycled?
  • Recycling bins are available in your home (villas) or alongside the garbage chute (apartments).
  • Collections are scheduled every week.
  • Money generated contributes to the community’s income.

Energy efficiency

  • Most lights in the community are LEDs, helping significantly cut down on electricity.
  • Building management systems (BMS) help apartment communities improve energy efficiency by optimising the speed of ventilation/cooling fans based on the area’s footfall.

Sustainable landscaping

  • Nearly all species planted in your community are well-adapted to dry and arid conditions.
  • Most plants don’t need much water and thrive under the full sun, with little shade.
  • For irrigation, drip irrigation pipes carrying TSE (treated sewage effluent) are employed.

Paperless communication

We’ve been slowly doing away with traditional paper-based communication, going digital on multiple fronts. Most general notices, announcements, community newsletters and CSF invoices are now sent via email – saving tens of thousands of pages of paper.

How you can contribute:

  • Start by fitting LEDs in all your light fittings.
  • Check the five-star energy rating every time you buy electrical appliances for your home. Try to pick more energy-efficient products.
  • Turn off the main outlet for devices when you’re not using them. All electrical devices consume phantom power when idle.
  • Keep your air conditioning at 24 degrees celsius for optimal cooling and efficiency.
  • Segregate recyclables like paper, plastic bottles and metal cans and drop them together in the recycling bins outside your home.