Gas barbecue grilling safety guidelines

Ensure that you take proper precautions while enjoying a grilling session with family and friends.

  • If you store your barbecue or patio heater indoors when not in use, you should always detach the gas bottle first and store it separately outdoors.
  • Gas bottles should always be stored upright and away from any ignition sources.
  • Never use your barbecue indoors because of the risk of toxic fumes, smoke or fire.
  • Children should be kept safely away from barbecues and gas bottles.
  • Cracked or damaged hoses and/or gas regulators should be replaced before use.
  • Check hoses occasionally to make sure they have not perished by brushing or spraying on soapy water and checking for bubbles.
  • Check connections to make sure that they are clean and fitting snugly.
  • Always read the barbecue manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • When you have finished using your barbecue, turn off the gas bottle first and then at the barbecue controls.
  • If you notice any leakage from the valve of a small cylinder, move the cylinder to a safe location at least 20 metres from any possible source of ignition.

The above guidelines are only applicable to villas. For residents living in apartment communities, barbecuing is only permitted at the designated barbecue stations.

In an emergency, dial 997 for Dubai Civil Defence or 999 for Dubai Police.