Pest control

Keep your home pest-free by following a few simple steps

  • Do not leave buckets, pet bowls, containers or any other objects where water can stagnate outside your home.
  • Fountains and water features should have moving water. If not in use, the entire water feature must be drained and emptied.
  • Do not allow excess water to accumulate in planter boxes.
  • Clean out bird baths and bird feeders daily and replenish with fresh water.
  • Do not leave empty cardboard boxes lying around your porch or lawn – they maintain the ideal moisture and temperature for pests like cockroaches to thrive.
  • Do not leave food out for strays in the community – it attracts even more pests. Moreover, pet food is often reinforced with micronutrients like vitamin K that may help rodents help build immunity and develop resistance to rat poisons.
  • Collect fruits as soon as they fall from trees in your garden.
  • Dog waste can offer flies a breeding ground for weeks – ensure that any waste produced by your pets is discarded in the provided dog bins.
  • Refer to the pest control fact sheet for more information.