Fire procedures and drills

Emergency exits
· Familiarise yourself, your family and staff members, with the emergency escape routes when you first move into your building; always know at least two ways out
· Directional signs to emergency exits are illuminated and will remain illuminated for some time
· Follow the instructions of the building and area wardens at all times during an emergency
· If the evacuation alarm sounds, or if instructed to do so by a warden, leave the building by the nearest and safest fire exit route
· All doors should be closed (but not locked) upon leaving
· Do not return to collect belongings
· Walk quickly and calmly to the designated assembly area for your building or as advised by a warden or fire and rescue services personnel
· Remain at the assembly area (in groups) until instructed to leave by a warden or fire and rescue services personnel
· Do not re-enter the building until informed that it is safe to do so by a warden or fire and rescue services personnel
· Do not enter a building that is still sounding the fire alarm
· Check that all persons known to be in the building at the time have reached the assembly point – if anyone is missing, report it immediately to security, building management, or Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) personnel on site
Aides to the disabled
· People with disabilities, who may need assistance during an evacuation, are required to notify the facility management/building security of their condition – they will then be assigned an aide to assist them during an evacuation

As per DCD requirements, each year evacuation drills must be conducted to test all safety systems and to ensure residents are aware of the safety and evacuation procedures in case of an emergency.

It is expected that the drill will take approximately 30 minutes barring any incidents that might occur during the proceedings.

No. As per DCD guidelines, the drill should simulate a real life situation that requires a full evacuation.

To enable us to contact you in case of an emergency, as well as support the evacuation of disabled persons from the building, please include these details by logging into your profile. We will treat any information you provide as confidential.

There are stairwells in all towers as well as corridors that lead to a safe place outside the building. You will need to use these stairs, as the elevators will be shut down during the drill. When you exit the stairs, please move as quickly as possible to the assembly point.

Fire marshals will be wearing fluorescent safety jackets.

The retail units will also participate in the drill.

You will be informed by the fire marshal at the assembly point, once the drill is complete.