A community with a social outdoor escape like no other

Pier 7

Brimming with premier lounges, bars and fine dining restaurants, Pier 7 is your community’s nightlife hotspot. Featuring tastefully decorated social hubs at every level and an outdoor rooftop area frequented by renowned resident DJs, it’s the ideal place to unwind at the weekend.

Hone your grill skills

Did you know there’s a barbecue station at almost every community in Dubai Marina? Stack up on some meat and get grilling. Experiment with different cuts, marinades and grilling styles to discover the perfect combination. You’ll be the star at your next barbecue party.

Step onto the promenade

There’s nothing like strolling down the marina, soaking in the tranquil atmosphere while watching the sunset over the shimmering water. It’s the perfect daily hangout for friends and family, with restaurants at every corner to leave you spoiled for choice.

Celebrate at the marina

Looking for a truly special way to celebrate a special anniversary or birthday? Head for any of the several boat rentals and pick from 30-foot speedboats to 145-foot luxury yachts for a celebration on the sea! You can rent by the hour, day, or even week if you have a truly mega extravaganza in mind.