Rules and regulations

Your community rules are set out to cover everything you need to know about living in Dubai Marina.

Just like the wider society itself, it’s important for everyone to live by a similar code of conduct, so in our rules, we discuss everything from the appearance of your home and its maintenance, to parking issues and the disposal of your rubbish.

These rules are for the benefit of owners and residents and are designed to create an environment in which all owners and residents can maximise enjoyment of their homes and the various common areas and facilities. It is also the intent of these rules to create a serene, attractive and safe environment for the families, children, neighbours, and guests of the community and master community.

Adherence to these rules will maintain, preserve, enhance, and protect the property values and assets of the community. Violation of any of the community rules will be uniformly enforced, with a notice of violation and applicable violation penalty.

We hope this makes for a pleasant living environment within your Dubai Marina community.

Read your community rules here.