Moving in

A move-in permit (MIP) is required to move into the Emaar South community and access will be denied without it. To apply for a move-in permit, click here.

You must apply for the MIP online on this portal at least one business day before the scheduled move. To apply for a move-in permit, click here. The following documents will be required to be uploaded when applying for MIP –
• Ejari copy
• Emirates ID front and back
• Passport copy with visa page
Note: Homeowners may log in using their credentials and apply for the MIP. No further documents are required to be uploaded.

Tenants may not be able to apply for MIP if there are outstanding service fees on the property. Tenants may contact their landlord to settle the payments before applying for MIP.

If you are a new tenant, you will receive your vehicle access card(s) from the landlord. Once you receive this, follow these steps to activate your card(s):

– Log in to your community portal and select ‘Access cards’ from the menu bar.
– Enter the required details including plate source, plate number, plate code, and vehicle make.
– Click ‘Request type’ and select ‘Activate existing card’, followed by your access card number, and submit your application.

If all the information provided is accurate, the card(s) will be activated within one business day. You will also receive an email confirmation on your registered email address.

As per the policy, the maximum number of access cards that can be issued against your property will be based on the number of parking spots assigned to your unit.

The validity of access cards issued to tenants is linked to their tenancy contract expiry date. Once your tenancy contract is renewed, please upload your new contract/Ejari copy by logging into this portal or contacting ECM on 800 EMAAR (36227). Once submitted, the access cards will be reactivated within 2 working days. Damaged or lost cards can be replaced online by logging into your account and clicking  ‘Access Card request’. You will be charged an issuance fee of AED 200 per card (payable by credit card only).

Please return the access cards in your possession to the landlord at the time of vacating.

The access cards are provided along with the cardholder and can be installed on the interior side of the vehicle windshield.
• Clean the glass well before attaching the cardholder.
• Cardholder should be in the “portrait” position on the left side of your windshield.
• Ideal reading distance is 8-12 feet (between the card and the reader).