Lakes and walking trails

Emirates Living is home to 70 lakes spread over 14.2 million square feet, with over 90 floating fountains adding to their aesthetic appeal. Featuring pathways along their banks, LED bollards and benches at regular intrevals, the lakes offer residents a tranquil setting for strolls at any time of the day.

The lakes harbour a thriving ecosystem with a variety of fish, which help control pest populations too. Additionally they serve a functional purpose too – being a closed system, the lakes are designed to receive storm-water inflows during the rainy season and therefore prevent flooding within the community.

The community also features miles and miles of walking trails that meander throughout Emirates Living, taking residents through their own neighbourhoods and offering the chance to explore others too. Surrounded by lush landscaping on all sides, the walking trails also sport benches installed at intervals, allowing residents to sit back and take in the natural beauty.