Raffles Emirates Hills Nursery

At Emirates Hills Nursery, the curriculum based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, helps children develop independence, self-discipline, and respect for self, for others, and for the Earth. The nursery also adopts an ‘open door’ approach, so parents are welcome to drop in at any time.

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Raffles Hattan Gardens Nursery

Located just inside the Lakes community, the international staff members of Raffles Hattan Gardens Nursery are trained and committed to encouraging every child to reach their full potential in a fun environment for all. The curriculum attracts children to learn by being creative. Children are stimulated by a wide range of different experiences and opportunities every day at the Lake Nursery.

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Raffles Lakes Nursery

The Lakes Nursery follows the Early Years Curriculum with the belief is that a child’s creative potential can be maximised through sensory, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experiences. Classes follow six-weekly topics which tie into the seven key areas of learning, and are chosen to suit the developmental age of the children within the class. With such a globally diverse community, an array of diverse cultural activities is incorporated into the curriculum, to foster a respect for different cultures. Children’s ages vary from 18 months to four years old.

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Raffles Springs Nursery

Raffles Springs Nursery is a Montessori Nursery located next to The Springs 7, and aims to make children’s introduction to the learning experience as happy as possible. The nursery follows the teaching method set by Dr Maria Montessori and focuses on six core areas of learning: Practical Life; Sensorial; Mathematics; Language; Cultural; and Creative activities. Children of different ages work alongside each other, with the older students helping younger ones and acting as role models, whilst reinforcing and celebrating their own learning.

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Raffles Town Centre Nursery

Raffles Town Centre Nursery is located opposite the large Spinneys in The Meadows Souk shopping area close to Springs 14. The nursery follows the Early Years Curriculum and promotes learning through first hand, practical and play activities. Little ones are encouraged to get involved in ‘child-initiated learning’ exercises as well as those directed by the teacher. Town Centre Nursery provides a stimulating learning environment, both indoors and out, where children have the freedom to learn from new experiences without fear of failure.

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Jebel Ali Nursery

A nursery is a place to come to experiment, explore, make friends and enjoy every day – these are the core values in The Lakes’ branch of the Jebel Ali Nursery, located on the grounds of the Lakes Club. The campus is surrounded by trees and pretty birds, and there’s a lake, a children’s park, sand play area, and a children’s pool with a water slide, as well as fun climbing frames. In addition, the purpose-built children’s facility has ten indoor rooms including a large indoor playroom. Just outside is the dedicated nursery children’s play area with soft rubber tiles.

The experienced staff members support and extend each child’s development through a carefully planned curriculum, based on the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

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