As required by jointly owned property law regulations and directions, the master community must maintain a minimum level of insurance. This includes:• Property insurance (for common areas)
• Public liability
• Fidelity guarantee
• Machinery breakdown
Your community is insured for accidental, physical loss, damage or destruction to the common property. The perils covered include but are not limited to fire, lightning, aircraft damage, explosion, earthquake, riot, strike, malicious damage, storm, flood as well as bursting or overflowing of water apparatus/tanks/pipes.
Finally, we have you covered against political violence. Your community is insured against loss or damage liability for injury to third parties or for loss of or damage to third party property by an act or series of acts of sabotage and terrorism, malicious damage, riots, strikes, civil commotion, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, coup d’état, insurrection or mutiny and war.
Important: Insurance coverage excludes loss or damage to homeowner’s/tenant’s private plot, villa and personal belongings.

As per community rules, owners should carry property insurance for the full replacement cost of all insurable improvements and contents in his lot or unit. Owners agree that in the event of damage to or destruction of structure on or comprising his lot or unit, the owner shall promptly proceed to repair or to reconstruct in a manner consistent with the original construction or such other plans as are approved by the developer or master community. Owners shall pay all costs which are not covered by insurance proceeds.
It is highly recommended that you take out adequate insurance on the contents of your unit. The insurance maintained by the master community only covers the common areas of the community. Therefore, contents such as your furniture, electrical appliances, curtains and carpets, would not be covered. Homeowners can suffer significant losses when their personal property is not insured if there is a fire, unexpected events, natural calamities, water damage or even accidental damage.
So please make sure you protect your home and belongings against the unexpected, with a simple, straightforward insurance policy. Insuring household contents can be done easily by opting for a home insurance plan – applying for one is simple. Often all you need to do is complete a proposal form including your name, location of the property and the sum you wish to insure your home for – usually insurance companies offer guidelines for this and you can add up the value of the contents of your home for a comparison too. We encourage you to contact any local insurance company, broker or bank that offers home contents insurance.
Please refer to the community rules.