Parking and car washing

As a visitor you are only allowed to park for up to four hours. All common area pathways must remain unobstructed by vehicles so there is clear access for pedestrians; and residents must park their cars within their property. This is also to ensure common areas are not damaged in any way.

Visitors’ parking is for the short term only, after which, cars may be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. For visitors who wish to park for longer periods, please contact the community security team.

We request you to maintain caution when washing your carport or vehicles and please do not use excessive amounts of water – all hoses must have a cut-off valve. Please also limit the use of harsh or corrosive cleaning agents as they play a major role in causing damage to the roads and pathways as well as being harmful to the environment. No water run-off should be observed from your property into the common area – whether from washing your car, carport or terrace area. If you do clean your carport or car, please sweep up any dust, sand of dirt from the area first and dispose of it in your dustbin before you begin washing (staff should use a bucket and cloth to wash cars or a broom to clean carports and terraces). Under no circumstances may your vehicle be washed in the common area of the community.

All vehicles, boats, jet skis, trailers, recreational vehicles and related objects must be parked in accordance with the community rules.