There are over five children’s play areas located in all communities in Reem. The playgrounds are shaded with canopies and feature rubberised flooring. A wide variety of exciting play equipment is available, including climbing frames with slides and rope attachments, spring rockers, see-saws, swings and more – there are even cycle stands outside the entrances to ensure kids have a place to park their bikes.

Benches installed around the amenity offer parents and guardians the ideal opportunity to rest and keep an eye on the juniors. There’s even a small outdoor exercise area next to the play area near the football ground at Mira 5, with equipment including a seated chest press machine and lat pull-down machine.

The children’s play areas are open from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM, and are located at:

  • Street 1, Mira 2
  • Street 1, Mira 3
  • Street 1, Mira 4A
  • Street 1, Mira 4B
  • Street 7, Mira 5
  • Street 1, Mira Oasis 1
  • Street 3, Mira Oasis 2

Note: Children must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian.