Outdoor fun

If you feel a twinge of envy at the sight of your neighbours heading out on holiday, here are five reasons for you to celebrate instead!

Reem is one of the few communities in the area with its very own dedicated amphitheatre. If you’re wondering what it’s for, there are plenty of exciting things you can do at the amenity! Here are a few:

1. Host a birthday party

Do something different and throw a memorable birthday party at your community’s amphitheatre. The stage is perfect for magic shows and other performances, while the surrounding lawn is ideal for kids’ games and cake cutting. The seating around the venue offers parents a great spot to rest and socialise.

2. Put on a theatre show

If you’re a theatre enthusiast, the amphitheatre is brilliant for hosting or practising your acts. The broad stage facing the open seating area offers the ideal opportunity to experience what participating in a real venue feels like – you can even invite the neighbours over to watch!

3. Organise a band night

Jam with your bandmates and call your friends over for a musical evening at the amphitheatre. You can make things more interesting by extending the invitation to other bands and music enthusiasts in the community. Just note that loudspeakers aren’t allowed, so keep it old school with acoustic guitars, flutes and shakers – you don’t need amps for a great sound!

4. Spark your creativity

Looking for a vibrant outdoor setting to break through a block and get your creative juices flowing? The amphitheatre is just the place. Whether you’re a novelist, songwriter, dancer or artist, the peaceful ambience and surrounding natural beauty is sure to fuel your imagination.

Remember to book the amphitheatre if you’re planning to host an event there – you can do so by logging into this portal and selecting the ‘Amenities Reservation’ option from the menu-bar.

Community rules apply.