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A day out for Manzil students


Forty children, from tiny tots to teenagers from Manzil, were taken on a tour of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo organised by Emaar Community Management. Manzil is a non-profit centre based in Sharjah that helps children with special needs with educational, physical and emotional development.

The group excursion was a CSR initiative to give children at the school a chance to witness and experience the beauty of underwater creatures at the Dubai Mall aquarium. It was also the first visit to the facility for most of the students and staff.

At the aquarium, the group was fascinated to see the variety of sharks, stingrays and schools of fish. Awed by the colours and sizes of the exhibits, many posed for pictures under the glass tunnel while others were daring enough to touch and feel the starfish at the open exhibit. The Underwater Zoo drew wonder and amazement as children were right in time for the feeding session.

With the rainforest scene in the backdrop and so many species of sea life on display, it was a rare experience for the children to see so many sea creatures all at once and at the same place. It was also a wonderful opportunity for ECM and Emaar Foundation to put a smile on their faces.