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Community Managers’ Workshop and Social Evening


ECM organised a Community Managers’ Workshop followed by a Social Evening for the community management industry. The event was attended by the CEO of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), the Chairman of the World Congress of Community Association Management (TWCCAM), the past President of CAI, the Managing Director of Dubai Real Estate Institute, faculty members of CAI from the USA and most of the top Dubai-based Community Management companies.

The workshop drew more than 80 community managers from Dubai under one roof to exchange ideas, thoughts and lessons from their own experience in the region. The CEO of CAI, Thomas M. Skiba kick-started the event with a short talk on the trends in the owners’ association industry. Johan Kruger, Chairman of The World Congress of Community Association Management (TWCCAM) continued on the global relevance of association management and shared his notes on TWCCAM. Linda Warren, a faculty Member with CAI went on to share inspiring and touching stories from her life while delving into the importance of continuing education for Community Managers. The event was not all serious and the speakers ensured that the audience were kept entertained with anecdotes from the American community management industry. Kirk Watilo moderated an open forum for participants to talk about their issues and engage in a more conversational approach to managing people and their homes.

After the event, peers from the industry met at Level 123 in Burj Khalifa to mingle and toast to the guests from CAI who flew in for the workshop. An evening of canapés, conversations and fine company was the perfect way to end the event.


Linda Warren has a rapt audience


Kirk Watilo takes questions during the Open Forum


Industry peers and well-wishers were among our guests


Senior Management with the CAI guests