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Ramadan Football Tournament 2015


The Ramadan Football Tournament 2015 kicked off on 27 June 2015 with 24 teams from Emaar’s communities vying for the annual title. The indoor five-a-side format of the game was played at Sports Zone located at The Meadows Village. Participants ranged from school students to veteran football enthusiasts forming teams with interesting names such as Too Old to Play, FC Curious, Foudeball and Young Spirit among a few.

The semi-finals saw the teams La Banda, K-Town, Wolfpack FC and Ramadan Karim Benzema fight it out through tense penalty shootouts to enter the final round.

Finalists K-Town and Ramadan Karim Benzema, both from Arabian Ranches, cruised into the final and put up a nail-biting finish. Ramadan Karim Benzema beat their compatriots 2-1 in the match and lifted the trophy to emerge winners of the Ramadan Football Tournament 2015.

With the tournament coming to an end, all players agreed in one voice that playing the beautiful game at the indoor courts was challenging but worth every minute. Our thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!


Winners of the tournament, Ramadan Karim Benzema


Runner-up, K-Town


24 teams were part of this year’s tournament


A penalty shoot-out during the semi-final