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Ramadan Tent and a market by moonlight

The Ramadan Arts & Crafts Tent went up in The Greens on 24 and 25 July, welcoming residents of The Greens & Views and Emirates Living to an evening of arts and crafts, henna, and traditional food. A stone’s throw away, a night market was bustling with activity.

It was almost as if a festival took over the central lawn at The Greens giving residents a feel of Ramadan and a taste of tradition by moonlight.

Visitors to the Ramadan Arts & Crafts Tent were served qahwa (authentic Arabic coffee), traditional dates, and oozi (a traditional rice dish), while desert tunes of the oud played in the background. Children designed and created beautiful paper lanterns and greeting cards while the ladies got intricate henna designs.

Outside, the night market set the stage for the perfect lawn bazaar with books, jewellery, and funky bags, well-complemented by spot games and a magic show. Tiny tots jumped with excitement on bouncy castles while face painters coloured little butterflies and monsters on eager young faces. The centre of attraction for the night though, was Sheru – the local falcon who was every little child’s and adult’s photo buddy.

The excitement of this experience was captured at our charity picture booth, where visitors dressed up in abayas and kandooras to pose with Sheru and contribute to SmileTrain – an organisation providing free surgery for children with cleft palates.

All in all, it was a truly memorable event. And we’re eagerly looking to forward to the next one.





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