We can offer financial expertise to help build long term stability, growth and value in a community

We can handle every aspect of a community’s financial affairs – from consulting, research and planning, to its general day to day expenses and management

Our established relationships within the industry mean we can advise and offer economies of scale, as well as value, which an owners association would find difficult to attain on its own.

  • Prepare annual budgets customised to each individual community
  • Monitor / reconcile bank accounts
  • Direct day to day expenses
  • Manage cash flow (receivables and payables)
  • Invoice and collect service fees
  • Direct and manage electronic funds
  • Maintain, monitor and manage investment funds
  • Compile financial reports incorporating statements, ledgers, cheque disbursements and income/expense – actuals and projections
  • Enforce financial penalties following community violations and late payments
  • Collect debts