Making the rules is one thing – ensuring they are followed voluntarily is another!

Community rules and the strategies to enforce them are for the benefit of everyone in the community

Overseeing a community presents its challenges. One of which is how to manage a group of residents so that they can co-exist successfully. A thriving community needs a basic set of rules for the benefit of owners and residents, designed to create an environment in which everyone can maximise their enjoyment of their homes and the various common areas and facilities. In addition, we believe community rule enforcement is a key aspect of upholding property values over the long term.

With time and resident turnaround, there is a regular deficit in rule awareness, and so we must impart this knowledge and make it accessible.

Firstly, we can draft governance documentation or community rules, based on our extensive experience, and then tailor it to the specific community.

But we don’t just set rules and leave everyone to it. One of our key strengths is ensuring those rules are upheld voluntarily and we have a number of strategies to do it:

  • Thoughtful signage – placed throughout our communities at key locations to help residents familiarise themselves with certain practices and common area rules.

  • Campaigns and posters – to educate residents about any rules and current issues pertinent to the community.

  • Flyers – issued to residents out in the community, who might be unaware of the rules – such as residents’ domestic helpers, nannies.

  • Events – organise fun events centred around the issues to gain resident participation and awareness. 

Efficient enforcement

One of our key strengths is our ability to enforce the rules when residents disregard them or cause upset to others.
We have a very stringent process to address the situation – by issuing a Notice of Violation – a formal citation that a community rule or permit condition has been infringed. There are two stages to the process:

  • A first Notice of Violation is served – this officially notifies the offender that they have violated a community rule and gives them the opportunity to correct their action/behaviour.

  • The final Notice of Violation is issued if the action/behaviour is not satisfactorily resolved and a financial penalty is levied.

We also develop and uphold a set of architectural guidelines for the installation of exterior attachments and property enhancements.

There are also several deterrents in place to ensure every homeowner pays their service fee in full and on time. We take the following action in the event of non-payment:

  • Denial of services including non-issuance of permits for transfer of property, access cards, garbage collection, etc
  • Suspension of non-emergency services
  • Initiation of appropriate legal action
  • Referral of the case to a professional debt recovery agency