Excellence is our goal and we recognise it means investing in our team with training, development and spreading a little happiness too!

A community in our care is guaranteed to receive the best possible community management services in every aspect of the business


Our aim is not just to get the job done. It’s to carry it out to the highest of standards. With our years of experience and qualifications, we have a variety of ways in which we can measure/commit to excellence:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Regular site inspections and technical audits

All of the above help to ensure the methods and work systems followed are in line with best international practices.

Our Contact Centre offers customers 24-hour assistance over the phone, or our communities’ mailbox is the online point of contact. In essence, we not only aim for transparency within our communities but in our business, for our employees, too.

Team development
Just as our staff members invest their time and career with us, we invest in them in terms of training and development. We have a team of qualified professionals and a record of long service employees.

Each of our employees receives regular training in their field, whether it be a lifeguard at a community swimming pool or one of our Senior Managers gaining a further qualification within the Community Associations Institute (CAI). We also attend conferences, both locally and internationally, to constantly expand our knowledge base.

As well as training, we aim to have a happy, fulfilled team that, of course, works hard but also has fun together too. So we regularly organise team meetings and social occasions for everyone to join in.