Taking communities to a world of efficiency

One of our core strengths is our ability to innovate; we are also quick to adapt to emerging technologies. The qualities help us run cost and resource-efficient operations.

The tools of our trade

Oracle – this enterprise resource programme (ERP) helps us log and maintain a record of all our transactions and customer information in a secure and logical way that is accessible and retrievable at any given time.

We use a document management system to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to community management processes. The benefits of this are:

  • Electronically archived documents
  • Customised search tools for document retrieval
  • Secure storage at a multitude of levels
  • Easy remote accessibility 24 / 7

On the technical and operational side of our business, we utilise an Integrated Community Management System (ICMS), which is a tailor-made software system to record details of:

  • Service providers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Asset maintenance
  • Technical audits
  • Mystery shopper exercises
  • iREPORTs
  • Feedback from residents

The huge benefit of the system is that it centralises and organises important information that is easily accessed by all relevant staff members.

On-site, we are very quick to adopt industry innovations and emerging technologies that help drive economic and environmental costs down in terms of both utility consumption and to extend the lifespan of equipment, such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and LED light bulbs to replace inefficient halogen ones.

In terms of community governance, we are able to utilise a mobile application for Community Violation reporting and follow up actions.

For residents

Residents have the capacity to employ a variety of technological practices into their everyday lives for an easier and better customer experience, such as:

  • Online Amenities Reservation System – where it had been a manual procedure, a new tech-savvy online system has been launched to book community facilities such as tennis/squash courts and recreational/party rooms; a simple registration system which allows the resident to make and change bookings and automatically receive confirmations and reminders

  • Not sure if it’s the iREPORT, or the efforts of the team, or both combined,
    but great job. Good initiative. Good response. 
  • iREPORT – we pioneered a system by which residents can easily report community issues, common area deficiencies and provide comments; they send us a picture of the issue, with a short descriptor, using technology most already have at their fingertips: their smartphone. In turn, we aim to resolve the issue within 48 hours of receiving it. It’s fast and has prompted great results.

  • E-communications, newsletters and general notices – we email our residents regularly to tell them about new developments in their community.

  • Customer Care – we are extremely efficient at responding quickly to residents and our team answers thousands of emails and calls every month.

  • ECM DIRECT – a collaborative online portal where owners, tenants and owners associations can:
    • Pay their service frees
    • Raise community issues
    • Receive community news and updates
  • Community portals – for other information residents can browse their community portal – one specific to each Master Community; they offer a host of information, news as well as access to a suite of online forms and factsheets. These portals include the following: