Ranches Primary School

Located next to The Ranches Souk, Ranches Primary School offers UK National Curriculum with an emphasis on core development skills in subjects like English, Math, Arabic and Science. The Primary Curriculum is enhanced through a range of specialist activities that have been developed to meet the needs of an international community of learners to provide a holistic educational experience.

The school is equipped with modern facilities that include:

  • Full campus wireless connectivity
  • Spacious library and resource centre
  • Specialist rooms for music, art, and language learning
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Fully equipped science labs
  • Climate-controlled multi-purpose halls for a wide range of sports and other activities
  • Temperature controlled swimming pool
  • Outdoor playing field and shaded play areas
  • Cafeteria serving high quality, nutritious hot and cold food

For more information, visit www.rpsdubai.com/