Household staff

All members of your household staff must be sponsored by you or must be hired through a professional agency. For more information, please refer to the household staff factsheet.

Please contact your community security office.

No. Gardeners working in common areas are not allowed to provide services to private units.

No. Entry permits will be only be issued for maids under the sponsorship of unit owners or tenants. As per local law, a person can only work for you as a maid or another household staff member, if he/she is sponsored by you OR if you hire the services of an individual through a reputable agency.
You cannot employ a person on someone else’s sponsorship, even if they obtain a NOC from their sponsor. This is illegal and you could be fined up to AED 100,000 by the local authorities.

No. You do not need to obtain an Entry Permit to enter other communities as you are considered a visitor.

No. According to local law, it is illegal to work for anyone other than the household that sponsors you.