Access cards

If you have lost your card, inform your community security immediately so that we can deactivate your card and prevent it from being misused. You can apply for new cards by simply logging onto your community portal and clicking ‘Apply for a new card’.

Now you can also purchase access cards via the Emaar One app and avail 50% off on your purchase for a limited period. Emaar One mobile app is available for download on App Store and Play Store.

No, you need to make your own arrangements to park your additional cars. They should not be parked in the visitors’ parking area. The maximum number of vehicle access cards issued is based on the number of allocated parking bays, unless an additional parking bay has been purchased. Community access cards are issued based on the number of residents in the apartment and as per the discretion of the community manager. Additional access cards will be charged AED 200 per card, if applicable, and you can purchase it via the Emaar One app or by logging onto your community portal.

You can apply for new community access and vehicle access cards by simply logging onto your community portal using the LOG IN button at the top right and select ‘Access cards‘ from your menu. Here, you can click ‘Apply for a new card’, whereas, existing cardholders should select the ‘Activate existing card’ option.
Your log-in credentials are sent via email, along with the Move in Permit.

Yes, existing and new card holders need to register (one-time) their access cards on the community portal. Upon logging in, you may select ‘Activate existing card’ under the Access Cards menu option.

Yes, you can activate your access cards by logging in to your community portal. Your log-in credentials are sent via email, along with your Move in Permit.

For new communities, access cards are issued free of cost to the homeowner during the handover. If you are a subsequent homeowner or tenant, you will need to collect the cards from the original homeowner or apply for new cards online (charges apply).

The validity of your access cards and community portal account is linked to the expiry date of your tenancy contract. You can do this by clicking the Move In/Move Out/Renewal option from your side menu.
If your contract has expired, you have a 15-day grace period to upload your renewed tenancy contract/Ejari onto your community portal. If not renewed with the grace period, your cards and account will be deactivated. You can use the Register option to activate your account and thereafter, activate your access cards too.

No. Access cards are issued to the occupant residing in the property.

Your access cards will be deactivated when a Move-out Permit is issued, after the move out date.

Access cards are exclusively for residents. Lending access cards to outsiders is not allowed and misuse can lead to deactivation.