Balcony etiquette

Follow these steps in balcony usage to ensure a safer and aesthetically pleasing community experience.

  • Do not barbecue in your balcony, it is a fire hazard and against community rules.
  • Cigarette butts pose a serious risk of fire, as well as, being toxic to the environment. Do not throw cigarette butts from your balcony.
  • Littering in anyway from balconies/ windows is not allowed.
  • Installing satellite dishes in the balcony is against municipality regulations. Such violations could face hefty fines.
  • Do not use the balcony for storage purposes as it ruins the community aesthetics.
  • Coverings of any kind is not allowed. Safety screens, awnings, pergolas, curtains or shades must not be installed on balconies.
  • Leaving pets unattended on the balcony can cause them severe distress. Please ensure your pets are well cared for and not allowed to become a nuisance.
  • Laundry must not be hung on the balcony or railings as it diminishes the aesthetics of the community.