Renting out

Your community has an established Move-in/out policy. The objectives of this policy are to ensure current contact information is kept up to date, we have the necessary information to assist residents with special requirements in cases of an emergency evacuation, and to ensure that any damage to the common areas is recorded and dealt with promptly. Before moving into the community, it is mandatory that you fill out the online Move-in permit (MIP) – you can do so by registering or logging in.
You will receive your electronic MIP in one business day, provided there are no outstanding service fees against the unit. Ensure that all your details are accurate when you submit the form as it is important that we have your contact details to reach you in the event of emergency situations such as fire, flood or earthquake, activities pertaining to your unit (such as water leaks, activation of fire alarms, or smoke detector maintenance), and parking issues.

No. This is a violation of the community rules.