Dubai Hills Park

A recreational outdoor haven in the heart of Dubai Hills Estate.

Dubai Hills Park is a lush green oasis at the heart of Dubai Hills Estate. Constructed as the longest park in any residential community, it is known for its incredible natural beauty with 1,800 trees and palms planted.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Dubai Hills Mall and a mere 15 minutes from Downtown Dubai, this verdant green space serves as a new escape for families to relax, unwind and explore. The surrounding area of the park features elegantly planned residential buildings complementing modern family living. There’s even a small space dedicated to the community’s dogs, located near the entrance opposite Maple 2.

SPLASH PARK: This is Dubai’s newest, coolest and most exciting water park for kids. And while the little ones have a blast in the water, parents can kick back and relax on the sandy shore!

ICE RINK PARK: Skate and glide to your heart’s content on the ice space while enjoying the scenic views of Dubai Hills Park. The perfect treat for the young and the young at heart!

SKATE PARK: Join the action at Dubai Hills Park! Adrenaline enthusiasts and keen boarders of all ages can catch some air and marvel at the pros in the coolest setting in town!

Residents can avail tickets and equipment rentals at a special rate from the Emaar Entertainment counters in each attraction.

Visit Dubai Hills Park and elevate your fun family moments into unforgettable memories.