Four reasons Emirates Living is the sustainable community on the block

Integrating sustainability in all our practices is one of our priorities at Emirates Living. We do this in a number of ways.

Recycling initiatives

  • Did you know that over 70% of the average household’s trash can be recycled?
  • Recycling bins are available outside your home.
  • Collections are scheduled every week.
  • Money generated contributes to the community’s income.

Energy efficiency

  • Most pedestrian lights and bollards in the community are solar powered.
  • Most other lights in the community are LEDs, helping significantly cut down on electricity.

Sustainable landscaping

  • Nearly all species planted in your community are well-adapted to dry and arid conditions.
  • Most plants don’t need much water and thrive under the full sun, with little shade.
  • For irrigation, drip irrigation pipes carrying TSE (treated sewage effluent) are employed.

Paperless communication

We’ve been slowly doing away with traditional paper-based communication, going digital on multiple fronts. Most general notices, announcements, community newsletters and CSF invoices are now sent via email – saving tens of thousands of pages of paper.

How you can contribute:

  • Start by fitting LEDs in all your light fittings.
  • Check the five-star energy rating every time you buy electrical appliances for your home. Try to pick more energy-efficient products.
  • Turn off the main outlet for devices when you’re not using them. All electrical devices consume phantom power when idle.
  • Keep your air conditioning at 24 degrees celsius for optimal cooling and efficiency.
  • Segregate recyclables like paper, plastic bottles and metal cans and drop them together in the recycling bins outside your home.