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These FAQs have been put together to provide a quick reference for some of the most common topics you might be interested in knowing about your community.

Do you want to find out about hosting a party in one of the common areas? The first steps in making an alteration to your home? Or perhaps you’d like some information about pets? Scroll through and click on one of the questions/links to get an answer.

Our top 10 questions are based on statistics taken from our Customer Contact Centre, so hopefully, that’s the best place for you to start looking.

Yes. You must ensure all members of your household staff are sponsored by you or that they are hired through a professional agency.
According to local law, a person can only work for you as a maid or another household staff member, if he/she is sponsored by you OR if you hire the services of an individual through a reputable agency.
You cannot employ a person on someone else’s sponsorship, even if they obtain a NOC from their sponsor. This is illegal, and you could face fines by local authorities.
For more information, please refer to the household staff factsheet.

You may contact our service provider, Imdaad Waste Management on 800 8200.

We request you to maintain caution when washing your carport or vehicles and please do not use excessive amounts of water – all hoses must have a cut-off valve.
Please also limit the use of harsh or corrosive cleaning agents as they play a major role in causing damage to the roads and pathways as well as being harmful to the environment. No water run-off should be observed from your property into the common area – whether from washing your car, carport, or terrace area.
If you do clean your carport or car, please sweep up any dust, sand, or dirt from the area first and dispose of it in your dustbin before you begin washing. (Staff should use a bucket and cloth to wash cars or a broom to clean carports and terraces.) Under no circumstances may your vehicle be washed in the common area of the community.

Yes, there is a 24/7 security helpdesk available at Reem. For any concerns, you may contact Community Security on 056 206 9871.

Please refer to the Community Rules, which state that private functions of no more than eight guests can be held at the park nearest to the unit of the homeowner/resident hosting the event.
For larger numbers of guests, residents must first obtain permission from the Community Manager. Please email to tell us details of the date, time, venue, and the number of guests.
We encourage you to contact ECM at least one week in advance of your intended event. While planning your gathering, please note that there are no electrical power outlets in any of our community parks. A deposit may be required, and the homeowner/tenant will be liable to pay any costs associated with damage to the common areas or cleaning as a result of the function.
Kindly note that we are unable to exclusively reserve any area of the community for parties or gatherings. Please adhere to the following guidelines when enjoying the common area facilities:
• Please do not conduct any activities that may disturb other residents as you may be requested to discontinue your party if we receive complaints
• Do not use inflatable play items or any equipment that require the use of power extensions as these could prove to be a safety hazard
• The serving of alcohol or related items is prohibited at all times
• Children (under 16 years of age) must be under adult(s) supervision at all times – neither ECM nor Emrill will be liable for any unfortunate accidents or claims
• The area should be cleaned and all personal belongings/party materials/items removed. In the event the premises are left unclean, you will be liable to pay cleaning charges as quoted by our service providers
• You will also be liable to pay for any damage to the premises and a Notice of Violation may be issued
• Neither ECM nor our service provider will be held responsible for the loss of any personal effects
• Please bear in mind that you are within a community, and so we request you and your guests to ensure that the noise level is kept to a minimum and controlled. Loud music/noise is not recommended as it may disturb neighbouring villas
• Parking on pavements, gardens, or any lawn area, and anywhere that obstructs a pedestrian’s right of way or access to a villa is strictly prohibited.

Our budgeting team considers the following aspects when calculating the Community Service Fee (CSF):
Historical expenses
We evaluate actual expense trends from the previous year based on individual cost items. Depending upon the operational plan, we decide whether or not to include them again in the following year’s budget. In addition, our hands-on experience from daily site operations gives further insight into various aspects of accurate budgeting and cost savings.
Resource allocation on site
We periodically review resources on-site to find ways of improving performance by employing new technology and operational methods based on international best practices. This continuing development in the management of our resources has a substantial and positive effect on the budget.
Service provider contracts
By regularly reviewing service provider contracts, we can evaluate key areas of improvement such as performance and cost savings. This helps us to determine future budgets and predict expenses.
Capital asset evaluation (maintenance, repair, and replacements)
Capital assets that are no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty are regularly reviewed for major maintenance or replacement. Essential equipment, such as sewage pumping stations and/or similar items, supports the overall infrastructure of the community. So we make allowance in our budget for the upkeep of these items, thus ensuring the community has sufficient funds available during times of emergency and/or when replacements are required.
Provision for doubtful debts
This amount allows for the setting aside of a small portion of CSF collections as a provision in case certain receivables are required to be written off in the future. This practice conforms to the basic accounting principle of Conservatism, and this step is taken to strengthen the financial position of the community.
Surplus/deficit adjustment from previous years
Finally, any surpluses or deficits from previous years are brought into consideration during the determination of the CSF rate for the current year. This allows us to maintain funds at an optimum level to cater for every eventuality and serve the community to the highest standards.

As stated in the Sales and Purchase Agreement, payment of the CSF in full and on time is the obligation of every homeowner. Failure to comply will result in the levy of a Late Payment Fee (LPF).
Delayed / non-payment of the CSF can potentially deprive your community of the funds required to continue the supply of essential services and whilst we make financial provisions to cover every contingency, timely payment of the CSF is vital to uphold the high standard of living you expect in your community.
Therefore, we will charge 1% per month on any amount overdue after the CSF Invoice date as a deterrent for homeowners who might default on their payments. We would like to add that all Late Payment Fee collections are reflected as income for their respective communities and go into the community account.

No. Please contact your Association Manager at

You may contact Community Security on 056 206 9871, 24 hours a day, or involve the local authorities for further escalation.

Visitors’ parking is for the short term only, after which, cars may be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. For visitors who wish to park for longer periods, please contact the Community Security team on 056 206 9871.

Yes. EMAAR ONE is an all-in-one app to manage Emaar properties and book home services from anywhere and anytime. This is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Key features include:
– Move-in and NOC request
– Services fees & installment payments
– Amenities bookings
– Live construction updates
– Voice service requests & status updates
– Home services bookings
– Latest launches, exclusive offers & events
– Digital handover process 
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