Garbage Disposal

Please ensure that it is sealed securely in a bag before putting it down the garbage chute. Then check the chute door is properly shut so residents can dispose of their rubbish on other floors.
Under no circumstances should hot cooking oil or lit cigarettes, ashes, matches, or candles be thrown down the chute, as any of these items could start a fire. If your domestic helper disposes of your garbage, please make sure that he or she is also aware of the correct way to use the chute.
Please do not leave items of oversized waste in the garbage chute room, instead, make your own arrangements to dispose of this type of waste.

We have partnered with two service providers to help residents get rid of old furniture, equipment, and other larger household items. You can reach out to Take My Junk on 800 JUNK (5865) or Remove My Junk on 055 549 1122.

Click here to know more about what can be disposed of as part of this service.