Top 10 questions

Do you want to find out about hosting a party in one of the common areas? The first steps in making an alteration to your home? Or perhaps you’d like some information about pets? Scroll through and click on one of the questions/links to get an answer. Our top 10 questions are based on statistics taken from our customer contact centre, so hopefully that’s the best place for you to start looking.

You must apply for the MIP online on this portal at least one business day before the scheduled move. To apply for a move-in permit, click here. The following documents will be required to be uploaded when applying for MIP –
• Ejari copy
• Emirates ID front and back
• Passport copy with visa page
Note: Homeowners may log in using their credentials and apply for the MIP. No further documents are required to be uploaded.

Registration/activation of access cards is now digitized. You can apply for new cards by logging onto your community portal and clicking ‘apply for a new card’. Existing cardholders should select the ‘activate existing card’ option.
In case of lost/damaged cards, you can apply for new cards by simply logging onto your community portal and clicking ‘Apply for a new card’. Additionally, now you can also purchase access cards via the Emaar One app and avail 50% off on your purchase for a limited period.

The window cleaning schedule for your tower is posted on the community noticeboards. For further information, you can contact ECM on 800 EMAAR (36227).

For information on the availability of visitor parking in your community, please contact your tower reception or the community security office. Kindly note that visitor parking is only for visitors; residents are requested to use their assigned parking bays only.

There is a defects liability period (DLP) of one year from the handover of the property. If your unit is within DLP, please contact
For all other issues, you may contact the service provider of your choice. You, as the homeowner, are responsible, especially if the defects liability period has already expired.

Yes. Please log onto your community portal and select ‘Home Modifications’ from the side bar to apply for an NOC. 

As mentioned in the notice of violation itself, you are required to comply within the time frame specified and ensure that the issue is not repeated in the future. You may also contact ECM on 800 EMAAR (36227) for any clarification you might require.

For urgent matters, please contact community security at +971 56 3894122 or call us at 800 EMAAR (36227).  
If the issue pertains to structural defects within your unit/premises, you may visit our customer happiness centre located at Emaar Square, Building 2, Ground Floor, in Downtown Dubai. For accidents or claims, please contact the local authorities by calling Dubai Municipality on 800 900 or +971 4 221 5555.

– First, contact your preferred maintenance company for inspection. In case the leakage proves to be from a common area drain line, please contact your security for assistance.  
– In case of bathtub damage from the apartment above yours, ECM will notify the resident above of the same and they will be asked to arrange for repairs of your ceiling as well. 
– In case you have existing Content Insurance, you can get this covered through this as well. 

First, contact your maintenance company. In case the blockage proves to be in a common area drain line, contact ECM on 800 EMAAR (36227).