A social outdoor escape like no other

B for BBQ, bonding & bountiful fun

Did you know there’s a barbecue station at almost every community in The Greens & Views? Stack up on some juicy meat and get grilling. Experiment with different cuts, seasonings, and grilling styles to discover the perfect combination for that perfect barbecue. You’ll be the star at your next barbecue party.

Yoga at The Backyard

An organic garden was developed and dedicated towards the senior citizens of the community, to foster a sense of appreciation to them. The garden has been named ‘The Backyard’ to give it a very personal touch and to make them feel at home. They can now read a book, practice basic gardening skills, or just relax and unwind!

Off-leash vigour

The Greens and Views dog park located at street 6 is among the first leash-free dog parks in the city and is a perfect place to make your canine buddy enjoy their space.

You could even introduce them to other dogs!

The park features a variety of engaging equipment to keep pets of all sizes entertained for hours.

Lakeside library

Refreshingly old school. A perfect place for people of all ages to lose themselves in gripping paperback! It runs on resident contributions and its open all day.