A sustainable micro-city that is The Greens and Views

We love Earth, and we’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable.

Being green in our operations

  • 9.6 million litres of water was saved in 2018 (enough to fill 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools).
  • 21.75 tonnes of waste was diverted for recycling last year (as heavy as 11 full-grown African elephants.)
  • million kWh of electricity was conserved in 2018 (did you know it could power 673 homes for 365 days?)

How do we do it?

  • Aerators are fitted on all taps in the washrooms and changing rooms near amenities.
  • Treated water is used for irrigating lawns, parks, shrubs and green spaces in the community.
  • Using IoT and with the help artificial intelligence, our systems kick in to save and conserve energy wherever possible. A typical example is when there are fewer people in common corridors, fan speeds are reduced to conserve energy.
  • We’ve switched to LED to save us some AED! Most lights in the community are LEDs owing to its longer life, less heat, better illumination and low operational costs.
  • We recycle. Smart recycling bins are placed in various locations within your community – these are equipped with chips that enable them to send signals to the recycling collection company when they’re full.
  • Motion detectors in our lift lobbies, stairwells and parking levels help us control lighting only when residents are in the vicinity. (P.S. lights here don’t need to be lit for up to 80% of the day!)