Association management

The objective of a dynamic community management structure is to adopt the governance and authority strategy that will establish overall harmony and control of all affairs of the community. The structure establishes a clear protocol, relationship and direction between various stakeholders and components making up the overall community. It is essential to identify key areas and assets ownership principles, especially those beneficial to Emaar over the long run to generate revenue. On the other hand, it is equally important to ensure the rights and use of owners are fairly assigned in line with commitments made at the time of sale and in the purchase agreements.

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    We facilitate Annual General and Extraordinary Assemblies assistance along with Owners’ Committee elections, professional consultation and meetings.

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    We provide a wide spectrum of administrative and secretarial support in addition to strategic direction, decision making and means of dispute resolutions.

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    Community’s governing documents and common area plans are developed and renewed in line with statutory requirements. Community governance protocols are introduced, upheld and enforced.

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    Prompt response to customer complaints, service requests and emergencies while establishing and maintaining homeowner/occupant data and a streamlined communications strategy.

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    We offer government relations, legal support and local authorities’ liaison.

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    Community spirit and resident engagement is promoted with events, campaigns, newsletters, festivals and competitions


First company in the region, outside the USA, to be an Accredited Association Management Company® (AAMC®), from the US-based Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Two of our founding team members became the first Certified Manager of Community Association (CMCA) in the Middle East and Asia when they were certified by the NBC-CAM.

Our Senior Team lectures at the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) to mentor the next generation of industry professionals in community management.

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