Technical management

The combined experience of our technical team members is unmatched in the industry. Essentially, their focus is to work with a community’s assets to ensure their longevity and sustainability with regular technical audits and efficient management of service providers.
They provide the necessary knowledge and experience to efficiently manage Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) assets, minimise failures, optimise and rationalise energy consumption as well as generally extend the asset lifecycle through preventive and reliability centered maintenance.

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    Maintaining assets

    Task sheets outline PPMs and frequency of maintenance requirements. These are shared with service providers for standardising, benchmarking and streamlining operations.

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    Regular audits

    Technical audits ensure ISO compliance, plant and equipment management, conditional assessments, minimal downtime of plant and assets, and risk mitigation.

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    Work Order management

    Integrated Community Management System (ICMS) is a home-grown CMMS software for efficient asset management. It analyses asset lifecycle cost and monitors and manages energy consumption.

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    ICMS and ESAM offers access to community assets by the senior management, operations team and service providers at any given time.


First company in the Middle East to achieve ISO 50001 (energy) and ISO 14001 (environment) at the same time in addition to the OHSAS 18001 (occupational health & safety) certification as well.

ESAM processes over 2 MN datasets daily and analyses over 12,000 records/minute, thereby moving from preventive and reactive to a more systematic predictive and energy-centered maintenance approach.

ESAM (one of the region’s largest smart building management system) reduced maintenance costs by 34% over a two-year period and boosted energy savings by 20% over three years.

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